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Fund independence for homeless Londoners

Every year Single Homeless Project supports hundreds of Londoners experiencing homeless into employment, education, and training. We know that for many of our clients, financial barriers and skills development are often the first stumbling blocks to taking the first few steps with their career and achieving independence.

We help our clients become job ready through 1:1 employment coaching, support with travel expenses and help to secure everything from ID to clothing. When our clients go to an interview, we know they are ready to storm it.

You can help someone take the next step in leaving homelessness behind for good by buying them coaching sessions, clothing or even an oyster top-up.

By buying from our online store, you will be directly supporting one of our clients. Clients like Patrick - London's happiest bus driver!

London's happiest bus driver - Patrick's story

After nearly twenty years of rough sleeping, let down by systems that should support all of us, Single Homeless Project were able to help Pat through his recovery, rebuild his confidence and help him to retrain as a bus driver!

In just one year, he attracted 66 commendations from passengers whilst driving the number 26 - and has gone from strength to strength ever since!

Jenny's Story

Chris's Story

Tom's Story*

I felt trapped during the first lockdown and my substance use spiralled out of control. It got to the point of crisis and I realised I couldn’t solve the problem I was facing on my own.

Single Homeless Project covered it all - they asked me what my problems were and gave me the tools I needed to solve them. They helped me to fix my problems on a life-level, it was a whole package. I felt looked after and I was in good hands.

I'm planning on doing a sponsored sky dive for Single Homeless Project in August! I thought that would be a fantastic way to give back. It’s such a philosophical idea – confronting fears, a leap of faith, symbolic of what the charity is all about. I’m excited about it and it’s nice to have this continuing relationship with the charity but in a slightly different seat!

*Name has been changed to protect their identity.

About Single Homeless Project

Single Homeless Project is a London-wide charity. Our vision is of a society where everyone has a place to call home and the chance to live a fulfilling life.

We help single Londoners by preventing homelessnessproviding support and accommodationpromoting wellbeingenhancing opportunity, and being a voice for change.

From supporting people in crisis to helping people take the final steps towards independence and employment, we make a difference to 10,000 lives every year across all 32 boroughs.

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